Prevalence of self medication essay

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Self Medication Practices in a Rural Filipino Community Essay

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Self-medication is, in the majority of cases, applied without medical supervision and, to a certain extent, is an uncharted area with regard to interactions, pregnancy, lactation, use in children and the elderly, driving, working conditions, alcohol, or food compared to. Antibiotic self-medication in patients with respiratory tract infections (RTI) is increasing globally and has been reported to be one of the prime contributors to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Our study aims to provide data on the prevalence of antibiotic self-medication and identify the factors contributing to self-medication in adult patients with respiratory tract infection in an urban.

Prevalence of Self-Medication. Antibiotic self-medication among university medical undergraduates in Northern Nigeria Joseph O. Fadare 1* and Igbiks Tamuno 2 1Department of Medicine, Kogi State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja, Nigeria 2Department of Pharmacology, Bayero University, Kano, Kano.

Prevalence of Self- medicine Using Commercial Drugs was the per centum that the rural Filipino household practising self –medication utilizing commercial drugs. including the most normally used medicines and the common unwellnesss that prompted the household to pattern self- medicine and it besides assessed the per centum of commercial.

reported self-medication in the preceding one year was % and the prevalence was more in final year students. Fever and headache were the most frequently .

Prevalence of self medication essay
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